Charity Bike Rides – 5 Reasons to Get Involved

British Heart Foundation Charity Ride

British Heart Foundation Charity Ride

Charity Bike Rides

5 Reasons to Get Involved - 2014 in 2014 Case Study

1. Raise money for amazing causes and raise the profile of charities.

Everyone has a charity or two close to their hearts. Organising a charity ride is not only a great way of raising money for great causes, it also helps to spread the word of the work the charity does. Charity rides market the charity without draining their marketing resources. There is also often second hand fundraising when people find out about a charity through a ride. If they like the cause they may well donate to them regularly or even organise their own ride. 2014 in 2014 got in touch about their ride and charity with much passion and enthusiasm. Their chosen charity, Motor Neurone Disease Association, is a charity I wasn’t aware of, but the cause is close to my heart. We’ve saved them hundreds of pounds with discounted cycle-friendly accommodation, will be donating money to them and are telling you about the charity now.

2. Personal Discovery and Achievement

Charity bike rides can be emotional events. People often get involved when loved ones have been adversely affected by what the charity is working to overcome and aid. It therefore takes a lot of mental strength and courage to organise charity rides and carry them out. The process of mentally facing something that has caused significant pain in one’s life can become a journey of self-discovery and often result in feeling emotionally cleansed and deeply content. It takes a lot of bravery to get involved in charity rides that will stir lots of emotions. They can be psychological explorations, which enable people to learn about themselves by being shoved out of their emotional, mental and physical comfort zones.

3. Physical Challenge and Enhanced Fitness

No one is going to sponsor you if your ride is easy. It’s got to be HARD, or at least pretty challenging for your fitness level. Look at the 2014 in 2014 ride. John O’Groats to Land’s End in 11 days. That’s an average of 86 miles a day on laden bikes. These guys and going to go though some serious pain (and most likely rain), which makes sponsoring their cause an easier decision. Their physical hardship shows how much it means to them. An amazing by-product is being as fit as a fiddle at the end, especially if you’ve trained leading up to the ride. Charity bike rides will get you fit, help you lose weight and hopefully make you want to ride a bike on a regular basis.

4. They’re an Adventure and a Holiday in One

Charity bike rides take you to amazing places you never otherwise go. I went on a Sustrans charity ride on the Coast & Castles cycle route between Edinburgh and Newcastle. It guided my through some stunning scenery and past jaw dropping castles and coastlines. The sort of places I would choose to go on holiday. If you like cycling charity rides are pretty much going on holiday.

As for adventure, the 2014 in 2014 guys will ride through the barren, beautiful wilderness of the Scottish Highlands. It doesn’t get more remote in the UK than those vast moors. When you’ve had to fix a puncture in the driving rain and wind, miles from civilisation, you reflect back on what was truly an adventure.

5. You Meet Amazing People

Charity bike rides offer a unique opportunity to meet fascinating people who often share experiences and situations that you can relate to. Most people get involved in charity bike rides because they truly believe in the charity’s work. Sharing this I think is a pretty good start point for striking up new friendships. British Heart Foundation rides are a great example of the social potential of charity rides. Thousands of people every year take part in their iconic London to Brighton charity ride. You’re bound to find someone riding at your pace to have a good natter with. You never know, you may meet your future husband or wife…

Even if you’re riding in a small group like the 2014 in 2014 guys, you’re bound to meet some fellow intrepid cyclists riding for all sorts of different, interesting reasons. I bet the 2014 in 2014 riders meet some fascinating people on their epic ride and I look forward to hearing about their tales.

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