Rapha Women’s Rain Jacket – Review

Tested, written and modelled by Alice Jones.

What Rapha say: ‘A lightweight and breathable jacket for the most challenging conditions, designed for optimum performance and protection in the wet and challenging conditions.”

As soon as I picked up this jacket, the weight, or lack off, surprised me. The fabric is paper-thin and very light, yet feels pretty mighty. The exterior is soft to the touch whereas the inside has a gummy texture and a geometric, beehive-esque pattern. This is a jacket of small details. The inner elastic, the reflective dots on the back, and the hanging hook are all the same shade of neon pink. The zip, just as impressively delicate as the fabric, is angled to cross your body diagonally. The zip also has a fleecy hood at the neck to prevent any irritation. All in all, this is a notably cool looking jacket.

After the above description, you wouldn’t be surprised that I couldn’t wait to hit the road with my new trendy-trim rain jacket. Luckily (?!) December was a wet month and gave me plenty of days to put it through its paces. DSC_0180 web I went for a medium jacket, I am a size twelve, and it’s a snug fit but not restrictive. Happily I tackled the Shropshire Hills, rain beading off my back and my body heat escaping efficiently, this jacket is an asset to any wet and windy bike ride. The pocket on the right front provided me with compact storage for balm for my poor element-battered lips. There isn’t much to dislike about this jacket – its lightweight, hardy and stylish.


Since my inaugural ride it has kept me dry on a number of occasions and stayed happily packed away, barely noticed, on many more. My only criticism would be the choice of colours, black or pink. Black is boring and not very visible and pink a little cliché – women like other colours too! Although not cheap at £180, I’d recommend this jacket to others due to the combination of quality, comfort and style, double thumbs up.

The Women’s Rain Jacket is available from the Rapha website.


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