Findra Marin Cowl Neck Base Layer & Denim Bike Shorts Review


AsFindra Marin Cowl Neck Base Layer an anti-lycra cyclist, I was delighted to discover the brand Findra. Created by Alex Feechan, a fashion designer and mountain-biker herself, their ethos is about “empowering and encouraging women to look good, feel good and perform.” Designed uniquely for women, with cyclists in mind, each product aims to be wearable on and off the saddle.

If you’re sick of being offered pink or black cyclewear, so are they, and not one product on their website is pink.

Their layering system is perfect for me who layers up knowing I’ll have to remove layers 10 minutes later. However bear this in mind when considering sizing, as these can come up a little bigger so that you can fit plenty of layers underneath.


Findra Marin Cowl Neck Base Layer 

Made with Italian merino wool, this is the most lightweight, breathable base layer I have ever worn. Most importantly, it really does add that extra layer of warmth – I’ve worn this cycling, hiking, to festivals, camping; now there are few outdoor ventures I would make without this in my bag.

There are open areas around the neck and hips to make it extra breathable and the seamless design means there is no chaffing at all. It fits in all the right places – both flattering and forgiving.

I cannot rate this highly enough – an easy ten out of ten.


Findra Relaxed Denim Bike Shorts

I was intrigued by denim as a material yet these are designed to perfection.Flexibility around the hip and knee make these much more cycle-friendly than I was expecting.

Like many mountain bike shorts there’s no padding, but there is plenty of room underneath for leggings / padded leggings to go underneath. There are plenty of pockets positioned so that you don’t notice their contents.

The more I wear these the more I like them, both for comfort and style.


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Findra Relaxed Denim Bike Shorts Back Findra Relaxed Denim Bike Shorts Leg



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