Elite Arion Parabolic Rollers Review

The Elite Arion parabolic rollers are a great way to stay in shape over the darker winter months. Rollers offer a far more involving workout that a turbo trainer, lose your concentration and you’ll fall flat on your face, it helps prevent boredom and improves your cycling technique.

It will take a session or two to get the hang of cycling on rollers, it’s like learning to ride a bike again. The general consensus is to position the rollers in-between a door frame for support, allowing you to push off the frame when you start to wobble.


When you do finally ‘get it’ there’s a real sense of achievement. Personally I found lowering the saddle enough so my feet could be flat on the ground gave me the needed confidence boost to get going.

It’s best to put a towel under the rollers to catch sweat, there will be a lot of it, much more than normal cycling due to the lack of wind, nothing is blowing the heat away from your body. You’ll probably want to invest in a fan if you don’t already own one. Also be sure to wipe down your bike after use, sweat is very corrosive.

The Elite Arion is adjustable for different bicycle wheel bases, and folds in half for easy storage. What I like most about rollers compared to turbos is you can get on and go, no need to modify your bike with a special wheel skewer, a real pain if you own multiple bikes.

The downsides to the Elite Arion is that there is no resistance setting, however I found by using the bikes gears was sufficient to increase my workout and allow me to generate some serious power.

If you’re a casual cyclist and need to choose between a turbo trainer or roller I’d go with the roller every time, compared to the turbo it’s so much more involving and even I’d even go as far as saying fun. Let’s be honest, if you don’t find training fun then you’re probably not going to do it.

The Elite Arion is avaliable from Amazon

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